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Why i do it

it's fun

The creation process is always an adventure for me, I love to mold and shape ideas and concepts into visual form. I love working with colors, textures, shapes and words. Each project is a new beginning and has it’s own personality and flair to explore and express.

I'm Independant

I’ve certainly had my share of jobs where I punched a time clock and worked to fulfill somebody else’s vision, but I was never happy doing that. As a freelance designer, I enjoy the freedom to create my own schedule… and vision!

I think I'm good at it

I am a creative person, and so continually exercising my creative processes is a meaningful experience for me. I also think I’m good at it, because of the feeling of satisfaction I have when looking upon my finished work. And, I get some pretty good feedback 😉


My Work

Here are some snapshots of my recent work. I know, a lot of designers like to showcase dozens of their finished works but I have found that websites will have been changed over some time. Since WordPress is user-friendly, many clients will log in to the dashboard and change things around. After this happens it’s not really a full example of my work. Of course, I still have contact with many of my past clients, so I can easily provide references upon request.

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