What Does a WordPress Website Designer Do?

A short and very condensed description of my job as a WordPress Website Designer

Traditionally, a website designer is required to posess a combination of skills in visual design and proficiency with technology. Web designers can be responsible for everything from designing a website’s look and feel, to incorporating features such as e-commerce, online community, search engine optimization, graphics, interactive applications- all while ensuring that the site’s design is optimized for the specific technologies supporting it.

I am a huge fan of WordPress because many of the design features and requirements mentioned above are already inherent in the structure of the “Theme“. The theme builders are to be richly rewarded for their work if they have included all of the modern elements required by today’s internet.

It then becomes my work as a WordPress website designer to…1) understand the backend settings of WordPress, as well as the backend settings of your domain registrar and hosting provider. 2) become proficient in using the unique structure of the theme we have chosen for use. 3) implement the elements of Social Media Marketing. 4) create or modify and arrange images to be used within the site. 5) arrange all content and copy within a visually appealing layout. 6) understand what my client’s needs are- then seamlessly blend all of the above together. 😉

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